Writing Coaching in English (for Research Scientists) - Clarifying Complex Content

Titel Writing Coaching in English (for Research Scientists) - Clarifying Complex Content
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Dozierende Dr. h.c. Beat Glogger, Wissenschaftsjournalist und Autor
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Do, 21.06.2018, 09:15 bis 16:45

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You will be introduced to the specifics of writing in English, and we will contrast how scientists and journalist write.  In a series of practical exercises, we will take your scientific texts and examine how journalists would treat them. We will look at how you yourself would write an article, a press release or even an advert, concisely and with clarity, always with the general reader in mind.
Scientists, researchers, postgraduates
_ Knowing how journalism works in the English-speaking world
_ Knowing how to write concisely and clearly for the general public
_ Knowing your rights and obligations and those of journalists
«Good to make you aware of weak points. Helps you improve.»
Katharina Fromm, Professorin, Universität Freiburg
«I would certainly recommend it!»
Fabio Crestani, Università della Svizzera Italiana (USI)
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Studienleitung Beatrice Brenner, Stv. Direktorin und Leiterin Kommunikation

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