Presenting in English - How to capture your audience

Titel Presenting in English - How to capture your audience
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Dozierende Marion Starck, Managing Director, Starck Public Relations
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Mi, 20.06.2018, 09:15 bis 16:45

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You often hold presentations for multinational groups, but English is not your mother tongue. You want to optimize your presentation skills in the English language, perfect your expressions and structure your messages to successfully convince your audience every time – while engaging all aspects of body language to maximum effect.
line managers, communication experts, project managers
– Learn how to create messages that are easily understood.
– Practice structuring your arguments to maximum effect using the pyramid principle.
– Recognize and optimize your body language in order to present with impact.
– Analyze and work with elements of persuasive communication.
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Studienleitung Beatrice Brenner, Stv. Direktorin und Leiterin Kommunikation

Barbara Trauffer,, 041 226 33 51

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